• Environment
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Security

Environmental friendliness is a distinct feature of this project. The territory, on which the Luxury Complex is located, is surrounded by the forest, which provides high-quality air.

Pure, natural water comes from an artesian well which is 200 meters deep and it perfectly complements fresh forest air.

Treatment facilities that are available on the territory of the Complex help to cleanse wastewater to the level that it can be used for irrigation. This means that we do not harm environment within our project.

Each house is a natural living environment. The main finishing material is wood – a natural material proven over time. We emphasize the natural beauty and character of wood and create bright, original interiors.

Pellet boilers are used for heating. This type of fuel is recognized as an environmentally friendly one in the entire world.

All utility lines are centralized in the Complex.

The projects are interesting due to the fact that the structural scheme is based on the idea of a modern chalet where “warm” wood and “cold” glass are combined, as well as low-pitched roofs and walls with wooden panels. These architectural techniques provide a special modern character of residential houses so that the entire Complex fits into the surrounding forest perfectly.

Houses consist of several volumes and fit into the landscape perfectly. Close interaction between people and nature is revealed in both interior and exterior house design. Spacious rooms with high ceilings and wide panoramic windows are a characteristic feature of architecture as they fill houses with light, create a feeling of lightness and space, provide maximum lighting and unity of inner and outer space.

Maximum glazing adds light and volume to the interiors; terraces and balconies give an opportunity to feel your connection with nature without leaving home. Each house has a covered terrace and a barbecue. You will feel comfortable on this terrace in all weathers and it will be a great place to relax.

One of the distinguishing features of the Complex, which brings it closer to European standards, is the sites divided from each other by means of evergreen shrubs that fit well into the landscape and do not prevent you from admiring the open space and nature that surround you. 

- Comfort and improvement of all the houses located on the Complex «Casa Verde» territory are provided in accordance with the European governance model.

- The innovative cost-effective stand-alone equipment allows the residents of the complex enjoying all the benefits of civilization, living on the ground floor in the forest zone.

- Sports facilities are provided for recreation and organization of outdoor sports events.

- The Sports and Recreation Centre includes a bar, billiard tables, a gym, a sauna, space to meet and organize barbecues in the open air.

- Centralized water supply is provided by the Complex water intake facility. Water comes from an artesian well, which is 200 meters deep.

- The sewage system is centralized in the Cottage Complex as well and conducted to each site.

- Power supply is provided by the Cottage Complex transformer substations with two independent power inputs – a primary and a secondary one, which ensures smooth operation of all systems.

- Fire-fighting facilities ensure safety to the residents of the Complex.

- All the houses are provided with optical fibre cables, so you can connect to the Internet, TV and a fixed telephone network.

Artesian water from their own wells

Water tower and fire facilities

Sewage treatment facilities

Own electricity substances

Fiber-optic cable for television and high-speed Internet

The safety control system includes:


  •  A security gatehouse with a barrier;
  •  A fence around the Complex to ensure security and protection against forest animals;
  •  24-hour video monitoring of the territory and its borders;
  •  A fire alarm system in each house connected to the central console at the security gatehouse of the Complex;
  •  Roads and sidewalks, which are paved and lighted at night;
  •  A guest parking lot for cars.